With the simple hope of helping others, CaringBridge users across the country have been sharing their stories to show that healing is possible, and valuable, even when cure is not an outcome. A resulting framework for healing, captured in words, videos and a short film, and podcasts, has become the How We Heal series, produced in collaboration since 2017 with National Geographic photographer David McLain.

How We Heal: A Short Film

With the simple hope of helping others, patients and family caregivers across the country talk about what has helped them get through things no person should ever have to go through.

Featured Series

Martinez Family Praying

A Framework for Healing: Believe, Belong, Be

To honor hundreds of thousands of patients and family caregivers who use CaringBridge every day, we have been working with a National Geographic photographer and filmmaker to capture stories of hope and healing, even in times when cure was not possible.

How We Heal Podcast: Michael Bischoff

In this episode of How We Heal, a podcast collaboration between CaringBridge and End in Mind, host Brigid Bonner talks with reporter Cathy Wurzer about a framework for healing based on a person’s ability to “belong, believe and be.” The conversation centers on CaringBridge user Michael Bischoff, who said living with brain cancer offered a chance for healing, if not cure.

Expert Advice on Healing

Healing Stories

Army of Support Stands With ‘Princess Warrior’

Playing with her Barbies, some sporting bold home haircuts, 9-year-old Priya Janae Smith of Burnsville, MN, mentions matter-of-factly that she has nearly died multiple times while hospitalized. She al…

Healing Inspiration

15 Motivational Quotes for Patients

Struggling with a medical condition or illness can be overwhelming, confusing and scary. It’s times like these that require courage, inspiration and hope to help you keep moving forward.  Here,…

writing through dementia journey

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