What Is CaringBridge?

Confronting an illness or injury is one of the most demanding, isolating things you can do. Family and friends are an amazing source of support, but constantly sharing updates with each and every one of them is impractical. CaringBridge replaces countless texts and emails with a free, easy-to-use communications platform.

How Does CaringBridge Work?

Nearly 300,000 people use our private communications platform every single day. We have the tools you need to navigate your health journey and are always adapting based on your feedback.

1. Online Journal to Post Health Updates

When you’re on a health journey, even something simple like texting or emailing updates to loved ones is one to-do too many. CaringBridge is a website for sharing health updates with everyone in your circle—saving time and energy.

2. The CaringBridge Planner

Tasks specific to your health journey that make your to-do list overwhelming. But even when you need help the most, you may be hesitant to reach out directly—worried that it’s asking too much. The CaringBridge Planner offers relief and support. Easily ask your community to help with some of your tasks.

3. Safety

Unlike other online platforms, privacy—not profit—is our main concern. CaringBridge is a secure, ad-free community that never sells your data.

4. Expertise

We are a nonprofit that has been supporting health journeys for nearly 25 years. We are trustworthy and we know the power of community support in health journey communications.

5. Quick Set-Up

Create a website for your health journey in just a few steps–it only takes five minutes.

6. Easy to Use

Personalizing your page and sharing written updates, photos and more are straightforward with our easy-to-use interface. Our Customer Care team is also readily available to answer your questions.

A free CaringBridge website has all the tools you need to keep your family and friends updated during a difficult time. Because we’re a nonprofit, we put your needs first. Start your free site now.

Don’t go through your health journey alone.

You can stay connected to friends and family, plan and coordinate meals, and experience love from any distance.

All of this is ready for you when you start your personal CaringBridge site, which is completely free of charge, ad-free, private and secure. Don’t spend another minute alone!

  • Alex Klurfeld

    It’s so nice to read this.

  • Linda Hanna

    Having a much better day today. Thank you so much prayer warriors.

  • Katie O'Connor

    I’m very saddened by this news about Joey. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I’m hoping for the best.

  • Colleen Oltjenbruns

    Due to health I am unable to visit my sister in room 138 & I am her “normal” as she is mine. Could you update me on pain relief she is receiving? She is not a complainer & sometimes suffers unnecessarily. Also, how is it proceeding toward the facility she will be transferred to once leaving your hospital. Family is hoping for Redwood Cove. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  • Deb/Debbie Christiansen

    This all started in winter or 2017; I was having headaches daily – after 2 rounds of antibiotics, doctor decided to have a brain CT; a shadow showed up on my right from brain lobe; I had surgery March 3lst and they removed a tumor the size of a golf ball – it was non smallcell lung cancer – stage 4 metastasized to my brain; it was in two lymph nodes and in an air passageway. I underwent chemo and radiation through the summer. Since then I have had good petscans; the air passageway was inoperable. They did a form of cyber knife on my brain. Have undergone Keytruda treatments since January 18 which have done wonders. Very few side effects. In fall of 2020 there was more brain activity which required another cyberknife treatment. Just one treatment and the new MRI looked clean. Then in May 2021 another anomaly showed up on petscan. Doctors struggled to decide if it was new growth or scar tissue. Ultimately decided it was scar tissue, but not certain. Then, Friday the 25th at a golf horse race, friends and family noticed that my upper lip was not moving properly. Possible sign of stroke, and ended up going to emergency room. Pet scan showed no sign of stroke but they kept me overnight for an MRI. Saturday results showed some swelling and fluid buildup in the prior tumor cavity. Still do not know cause and will be seeing brain oncologist on Wednesday the 30th to pursue treatment options.

    Understand, this is not a pity party – just want to update friends and not do a group text. Please don’t worry about commenting – If you are included I love you – if not, it was operator error again.

  • Raven Jones

    On behalf of my BFF, Jill Miersch, I am grateful to Caring Bridge for allowing me a chance to talk to Jill. Jill is my heart & I love her more everyday.